World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference

October 26-27, 2020
Tokyo, Japan

Ting Wang

Potential speaker Fisheries conference 2020 - Ting Wang
Ting Wang
Shanghai Ocean University, China
Title : Accumulation and toxicity of polystyrene microplastics in crabs under waterborne and dietary exposure conditions


Microplastics (MPs) contamination threatens to marine environment. In the present study, the toxicity and trophic transfer potential of MPs from mussel Mytilus coruscus to crab Charybdis japonica were investigated. Waterborne exposure (MPs in water plus clean mussel tissues) and dietary exposure (MPs pre-contaminated mussel tissues as food for crabs) of MPs were conducted to test the bioconcentration and toxic effects of MPs in crabs. Surprisingly, in both tested exposure scenarios, MPs accumulation in tissues primarily occurred in the hepatopancreas and gut, followed by the gills and muscle in crabs. No significant difference was observed between these two exposure routes, obvious biomagnification (BMF) and trophic transfer from mussel to crab through dietary exposure was negative. Dietary uptake was confirmed to be a potential pathway for transport of MPs to higher trophic levels. Also, this study highlights the importance of evaluating potential ecological risks of MPs and trophic cascade effects by in situ experiments and long-term monitoring.


Miss. Wang studied Bioscience at the Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU), China and graduated as B.A. in June, 2018 with national scholarship and Shanghai Outstanding scholarship. She then joined (recommended) the research group of Prof. Wang at the same university for Aquaculture M.S degree. In her first-year graduate school, she obtained the Luo Zhaoyao Science and Technology Innovation Fund (major project, ranking 1st of 41 projects) by SHOU and published 3 SCI papers as the first author and co-edited in the book Aquatic Ecosystems in a Changing Climate published by CRC press (Chapter 15, pp 288–302).

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