World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference

October 26-27, 2020
Tokyo, Japan

Ho Hong Lien

Potential speaker for Fisheries conference 2020 - Ho Hong Lien
Ho Hong Lien
Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands
Title : Information practices in shrimp vietnamese aquaculture: towards effective intervention monitoring programs


The availability of reliable information on aquaculture operations is essential to the assessment of aquaculture environmental impact and sustainability (FAO, 2018; Gutierrez, 2017) as well as the regulation of food safety (Lewis andBoyle, 2017). Despite this, underreporting is a persistent issue in aquaculture worldwide an insufficient quality and completeness in some or reported data (FAO, 2018), and specifically pronounced in small-scale farms in developing countries. As the result, a formulation of relevant policies for development, consequent market access as well as finance and insurance access for aquaculture sector are limited (Béné et al., 2016; Nguyen andJolly, 2019; Van Anrooy, 2006; Watson et al., 2018). Recognizing these challenges, the provision of aquaculture information demand from both industry and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) is emerging by developing many monitoring programs to provide data on small-scale aquaculture in developing countries such as enumeration, digital tools. The rationale of these private actors is to improve the transparency of aquaculture data, improve better farm practices management, feed into the long-term sustainability, as well as comply with market requirement as ASC certification, eco-certification (Aquaculture Stewardship Council, 2019b; Bush, 2017b; Bush et al., 2013). Yet despite the perceived precision and accuracy of information from these monitoring technology-based programs of private actors (Bradley et al., 2019), there is a limitation in understanding on how aquaculture farmers actually share information in order to respond to these information demands in the real life settings.

The objective of the study is to better understand on how farmers actually respond to these information demands, we use the theories of practices and perform a social practice intervention framework of Doddema et al. (2018). By shifting attention from the intends of individual farmers to fully understand what the key characteristics of information practices and the linkages of these practices on their farm management practices, we can provide more multi-dimensional views and valuable insights on how constitute an effective intervention private monitoring program in small scale aquaculture farms. The preliminary result shows that: using social practice theory is an alternative approach to understand actual farmer behavior in the real setting life. We found these mismatch between information demands and information practices by farmers in term of requirement of competences and materials.


Ho Hong Lien is a PhD student working in Business Economics Group and Environmental Policy Group in Wageningen University. She also a lecture in Economics of College, Can Tho University, Vietnam. Ho Hong Lien studied Accounting at Cantho University. She achieved a scholarship of Australia Government in 2011-2012 to obtain her Master degree in University of New South Wales, Australia.  Now, she is pursuing her PhD degree and working under the  SUPERSEAS project funded by NWO - Netherland with Prof. Simon Bush, Prof. Miranda Meuwissen and Dr. Yan de Mey.

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